How to Overcome your Fear of Taking Massive Action

Simple Ways to Overcome your Fear of Taking Massive Action

Fear of change, fear of uncertainty, fear of commitment is usually what holds us back from taking that big step–the massive action that needs to happen to move to the next level and unlock your potential.

It’s a natural response to moving out of your comfort zone. But while you shouldn’t give yourself a hard time for feeling anxious or fearful, neither should you stay stuck and not move forward. When fear rears its ugly head, it’s actually a sign to step up, raise your standards and step into the new identity that you need to become. You can use these simple tactics to put it in perspective and move on. 


Recognize Fear is Only a Feeling

Fear can feel very real. As can concern, anxiety, caution, self-doubt, sadness, . But remember this: it’s only an emotion that survives and thrives when we dwell on it and start to believe it. The first step in mastering your fear of taking massive action is to remember to tell yourself that fear isn’t real–that it’s only a feeling that can’t hurt you.

When we think of fear as an opportunity we can instantly shift our perspective and make fear, or anxiety an empowering emotion, it can fuel growth, confidence and fearlessness.


Everyone has Experienced Fear of Failure

Everyone experiences fear before they try something new. Fear is a driver. Everyone has experienced fear of failure, the fear of looking silly, being embarrassed, the fear of being in front of public, too wealthy, too many curves, or whatever. When a moment of panic comes over you, imagine someone you admire, respect, follow or has the courage or success that you aspire to achieve –  and remember that they too have experienced fear. But they moved through it with courage, action and accountability.

Remember this one power question: What’s the worst thing that could happen here? When you work out the worst case scenario, you will often realize that it’s actually, nothing. And that in itself can help you move forward. To take massive action without fear.


One Step at A Time

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: A body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Notice that feeling of fear, and then take that first small step forward or away from that feeling. You will feel amazing after you’ve done that one little thing. Feeling accomplished, proud, determined – which builds momentum to achieve more. You’ll realize that you can do it, and you’ll be excited to take that next step. Fear will be replaced by enthusiasm.

The key is learn simple, fast and effective tools that help you so pivot quickly.

Imagine how awesome that would feel, to be in control, know exactly how to tap into instant motivation, energy and confidence? While also mastering tools and ways to instantly move yourself from a stuck, fearful or low confidence state to an empowered, positive and confident state.

That’s confidence. That’s feeling in control and unstoppable.


Use an Anchor

Sometimes we recognize fear for what it is, but can’t seem to get over the hurdle anyway. That’s the right time to call in some reinforcements.

Building your circle of influence, and power is an essential anchor to keep you grounded and prevent you from staying stuck, or doing nothing. It might be your coach, your partner, friend.

Usually though you need to have a higher CIA (Circle of Influence) that keeps you accountable that has the skills and insights to see what you can’t see. Or feel. Or do to get out.

Just keep in mind that friends, partners might be a good source of comfort. But unless they are also big thinkers who take massive action, rarely will they help you step up and move forward.

A mentor, coach or someone you look up to who is a source of inspiration and respect.

Lastly, if you’re totally happy where you are, you don’t have bigger goals, aspirations, and you’re not looking to take massive action to a higher level, then that’s great.

If you ARE seeking the next level, wanting to rise up, take massive action, unlock your potential and achieve heightened success, then learn to master your fear.





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