How Colin lost 45 Kilograms

I love to share the amazing success stories of my clients. It’s the on thing that defines my 20+ years in the industry and constant pursuit to identify what helps clients guarantee their results. It’s more than training and nutrition, and when the system is implement, these are the kind of results you can expect.

“From the first time I walked into Aspire I knew immediately that this was where I could get the guidance, education and support to help me achieve my lifestyle goals.

The entire team instantly made me feel at home and at ease. My trainer who had been allocated to me, Jun, was sitting waiting in reception as I arrived which went a long way to breaking the ice as I commenced my PT sessions.

In the short 6 weeks I’ve been with Aspire I’ve seen very positive weight loss results which have changed my mindset on how I attack each day with more energy and positive attitude, the training sessions are fun and there is a good spirit of camaraderie and community throughout the gym both from the coaches and the other members.

In addition some very good nutritional advice has added to the overall positive results we’ve achieved in such a short time frame. I’ve lost 24kgs so far 🙂

Aspire is one of the few that actually do what they say! They commit to you to make it happen!”

UPDATE: I’ve now lost 45kgs over the last 12 months and can’t be more thankful to the incredible team at Aspire who truly know how to transform lives.

This comes down to the follow key components of his strategy:

  1. Commitment to the process
  2. Building a structure around his lifestyle
  3. Creating a network of support and accountability
  4. Science based approach to habit creation, nutrition, movement
  5. Setting specific goals
  6. Planning ahead even on travel
  7. Doing something EVERY day, even if its 5 mins
  8. Booking sessions a month in advance – see your future
  9. Working a professional coach
  10. Tracking sleep, nutrition and results

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