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At one point in time, we thought it was impossible to run 1 mile under 4 minutes.

Because at that time, no one had ever achieved it before.

Until someone did.

After Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute barrier, 4 minutes has officially been broken more than 1,400 times!

Often when we think something isn’t possible, it prevents us from taking the action ourselves.

But when see other people achieve what we want to achieve, we forge ahead because we KNOW it is in fact, possible.

They are our limiting beliefs. And these limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving our full potential.

The same stands for our health and fitness.

We often think or ‘believe’ we are too busy.

We don’t have time.

Or ‘nothing ever works for me’ – which prevents us from being a true high performer and becoming our “ultimate self”.

I wanted to share one of my clients, Niels.

He ‘used’ to think the same, until he made a decision that was NOT the kind of life he wanted to live anymore and took control. He took responsibility just like in this work. And made himself his own project of success.

I’m sharing some of his own words:

For as long as I can remember, my goal was to be successful in the corporate world. Working 7/11 (7am – 11pm, 7 days a week), setting personal goals to pursue the next promotion, acknowledgement or ticking off the next must-have box to take that additional step on the corporate ladder. My business life was my private life.

The realization that a goal change has to start from a personal point of view in getting a more work smart methodology was needed.

I looked around to prioritize my personal goals. Fitness scored high as a means to get back on track. But like in my own line of business, I needed professional guidance. I had no clue anymore on how to make this transformational change as I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a leap of faith of Armageddon proportions for me. Simply ‘going to the gym’ was not what I was after, as this lacked the motivational push and professional guidance I needed so desperately.

Dan Remon, has exceeded expectations in setting new, sustainable and measurable goals in my private life. They have even made a positive impact on working smarter on the work floor. By using a strategic plan based on nutrition, power, strength, conditioning and rest, my life has really turned upside down. Pumping iron as hard and fast as one can is not their priority. Setting attainable goals, one step at a time, assures a path of measurable success and with a responsible way to grow further.

  • Increased my mental health by not taking medication, pills, vitamin supplements;
  • Sleeping much better (sleep is so important);
  • Do more work in less amount of time, beneficial for my own corporate goals;
  • Lost 30 kilos by fasting, regulating eating patterns and being carefully coached…in a period of 10 months;
  • No calorie counting, standing on scales to see progression (or getting depressed by not seeing progression);
  • Being appreciated for taking that step in becoming a better, healthier me;
  • The excuse of ‘I don’t have time / no energy’ to work on my health is no longer in my vocabulary.

Our clients speak for us.

You can read Niels’ own full story here:




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Daniel Remon is the CEO of Fitcorp Global Group. A 20+ year veteran of the health and fitness industry, he has pioneered corporate wellness, executive performance programs and result driven health, energy and business systems for today’s busy executive.

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