About Dan

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I’m Dan Remon. Performance & Business Coach, Success Strategist. 

A little background story so you can get to know me a little better.

I’ve been in the health and performance industry for more than 20 years. Starting out with a degree in Human Movement Science,  completed a B. HMSc, majoring in exercise physiology and psychology in 1996. A massive lust for travel, to explore and expand my experience started with a one way to ticket from Sydney to travel the world. 20 years later, that drive and passion hasn’t wavered.

Now with an even bigger mission, to Impact TEN MILLION LIVES through health, education, mindset and a higher level of contribution to influence in the world and how we live within it.

“It’s our turn to give back, to contribute, and help those that don’t have the opportunity to help themselves. We must player a bigger role to support the hungry, the homeless, the environment simply because, it starts with us.”

This is the driving force of my passion, work ethic and constant pursuit of personal and professional development for success of my circle and clients.

I have had the opportunity to work in many facets of the health industry, commercial, private, corporate, working with mentally and physically challenged groups and the elderly.

My international experiences started with some of the most respected health resorts and wellness centers in the world in Thailand, India and Mexico, UK & Europe.

In 2002 I decided it was time to pioneer the industry, and established my business and form the foundation of my movement to make an impact in my clients success around the world. Over these years I have refined and optimised systems and programs to amplify my clients’ results. A true performance and results based method for achieving impact, growth and confidence. Working with top athletes, aspiring champions, busy executives, celebrities, and all those looking to achieve positive results, purpose and peace in their life.

My continued education spans through corporate wellness, nutrition, rehabilitation and pain management, lifestyle coaching, NLP and results based coaching through to DNA profiling and genetic lifestyle design. Bridging the gap between the health industry, medical science and performance. This is the future of the industry, and takes the guesswork from results.

Dan RemonI have also had the privilege of working closely with the Olympic Games, assisting the management of the Olympic Training facility within the Olympic Village in London 2012 and the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2008. Training Olympic Athletes and educating hundreds of aspiring athletes around the world.

Running an Agency and various businesses, coaching, consulting, training, I love the strategy of business mentoring and helping other coaches and businesses scale, optimize and make an impact in their clients. To shortcut the process from message to lead to client, and startup businesses that aspire to make a difference. Helping them find the navigation to their dreams.My focus now is to bring my knowledge, methods and solutions to you, and my team, accessible from anywhere in the world.

My mission is to continue to Impact Ten Million Lives, to contribute, to give back and create more purpose to live and spend more time giving to a better world for us all to live and prosper and create meaningful impact. With major projects in Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, I am working towards a brighter future with your support to help those in need.

I welcome you to my circle of influence, and look forward to helping you transform your life and your business.